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Your court surfacing and installation service from Innovative Sport Surfacing begins with a custom analysis of your facility and all the relevant ground you’re interested in transforming. Our professional team of designers works directly with you to determine use estimates, as well as the climate and precipitation of your area. These are all important factors that tennis court builders need to consider.

For outdoor facilities, our materials consist of 100% Acrylic Resins. These ensure long-term protection from all the elements and supreme resistance to the sun’s damaging ultraviolet degradation. It’s never been easier to build a tennis court with professional help from Innovative Sport Surfacing!

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Safety is Top Priority

The specialty sports surfaces that Innovative Sport Surfacing uses are specially designed with low levels of volatile organic compounds in order to provide a safe environment for athletes, as well as the surrounding environment. Additionally, Innovative Sport Surfacing offers expert clay tennis court maintenance for even greater safety and longevity.

New tennis, pickleball, multi-sport, bocceball, and other court installation and refurbishment projects for older courts are prepared with a focus on player comfort, athlete safety, and exceptional physical performance. This results in cooler sports surfaces and surrounding area, or heat island reduction. Discover the difference premium materials and expertise can offer your members. There’s simply nobody better for tennis courts construction than our trusted team.


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