Poured In Place Rubber Installation Teams Provide Cost Effective Solutions

Because Innovative Sports Surfacing Inc offers a durable, attractive and non-slip surface for sports areas, playgrounds gyms and other high-traffic areas, finding the right contractors to prepare and install the surface is critical. Poured in place rubber installation by our team of professionals provides a surface that, if properly maintained, will last for a decade or more. Here are some tips about taking care of the surface in order to get the most wear for your money.

Clean the surfaces regularly using a nylon bristle brush or broom. Avoid using brooms with metal bristles or shovels that can break dislodge the rubber granules. Debris such as sand or gravel on the rubber can act as an abrasive and create excess wear which shortens the life of the PIP. Regular cleaning is best accomplished with a garden hose, push broom, mild detergent and a microfiber mop.

Different types of stains require different responses. Avoid products which will act on the bonds holding the particles together. Most stains can be eliminated by pressure washing with a mild soap. Avoid harsh methods to ensure the longevity of the surface. Organic matter such as blood or feces can be treated with soap and water, followed by a vinegar and water solution. Chemical or acidic spills should be diluted as quickly as possible, but require the expertise of a professional to avoid long-term damage.

It is apparent that sharp objects can cut or slice the surface and allow further damage to the PIP product. The flooring can be damaged by such objects as ladders, shovels, metal chairs and pencil-heeled shoes. Because the soft and springy surfaces are intended to withstand shocks, as well as to protect from injuries resulting from a fall, anything which has sharp edges may require professional repairs.

Regular inspections by a trained professional will help to extend the life of the flooring. Yearly inspections and resealing the surfaces every other year are recommended to get the best results.